Monitors with 480Hz Refresh Rate Incoming

Monitors with 480Hz Refresh Rate Incoming – Story Behind The scene

480Hz Refresh rate Monitors: Displays with a 360Hz refresh rate and 2.8 millisecond frame time are the top gaming monitors with high refresh rates that you can find in the present. But this is about to change.

Two of the biggest manufacturers of LCD panels are currently working on display panels that can refresh at 480Hz and a 2.1-millisecond frame rate. The trend isn’t finished.↗️

According to the latest report, both LG and AU Optronics will put 480Hz displays in production at 2022’s end and are aiming for the release date of 2023.🎯

Monitor technology is evolving faster than ever, as a 480Hz 1080p prototype was recently discovered in the wild, thanks to Blur Busters. 

It’s getting to an age where hardware cannot catch up to the monitors, except for certain flagship components such as CPUs with the highest IPC or GPUs that cost thousands of dollars.

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AUO and LG are preparing Display panels with 480Hz refresh rates

We have seen the most efficient monitors operate at up to a headline-refresh frequency of 360Hz. 

We saw the Asus ROG, the first company to unveil the type of monitor (using the TN panel technology) in August 2020. 

Recently, we’ve witnessed 360Hz-IPS monitors in gaming laptops 💻 by such manufacturers as Alienware and Aorus.

The current 360Hz displays are available in a variety of sizes, and however, they’re all 1080p.

Likely, you won’t be surprised to find out that the push for more Hz doesn’t stop at 360Hz.

Both AUO and LG Display are working on various new displays with the highest rates of headline refresh rate as high as 480Hz.

In the first look at AUO’s plans and foremost, the company that makes display panels is preparing 1440p 360Hz screens and is planning to begin mass production later in the year. 

The screens are 1080p at 480Hz, and 4K panels that run at 240Hz are lined up to be produced beginning next year. 

So, it’s likely that we won’t see any retail products sporting these super-fast 1080p screens and 4K screens until 2023.

Suppose you’re interested in more common AUO options with less extreme maximum refresh rates. 

In that case, many changes are coming to other panels from the company with various curvatures, sizes and even technologies (TN Mini LED, VA, etc.).

LG Display has a 24.5-inch 1080p display with a 480Hz refresh rate that is planned for release “in the second half of 2022,” according to TFT central. 

We don’t have any additional details on this panel, and however, we know it will be a VESA DisplayHDR400-certified display.

Another time LG Display has lots of additional interesting updates to its panel that leaked soon.🙄

31.5-inch IPS Panel with 4K Refresh Rate of 144Hz, HDR 1000, for instance, and “IPS Black MiniLED technology used in its products.

It is clear that aside from the availability of ultra-fast monitors, a fast monitor requires extremely advanced display controller logic in the board. 

Of course, at the PC side of the spectrum, you’ll require a modern and fast processor to be able to render the purchase of the monitor worth it.

480Hz Monitor Prototype could be a reality

In the year 2017, Blur Busters conducted experiments on an engineering prototype that was the first panel with 4K 120Hz, which could also achieve the 480Hz frequency in a low-resolution 540p mode. 

The panel was manufactured by ZisWorks and was available in the 28″ TN panel (model x28) or a 39″ VA model (model x39).).

480Hz Refresh Rate

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In its tests of ZisWorks panels running in 480Hz, Blur Busters noted the following enhancements:👇🏻

  • Reducing the Phantom Array Effect (commonly called Ghosting)
  • Reduced Input Lag
  • Improved persistence of sight (Sparkler’s trails effect)
  • Reduced Motion Blur

TFTCentral has also revealed the report also states that LG is reportedly working on the new technology known as “IPS Black”, which will produce more vibrant dark blacks for IPS LCDs and reduce how much IPS glowing that’s displayed. 

According to reports, two 4K displays, one of which is 27 inches and the 31.5-inch one, are scheduled to be released in January of next year.

Now Forget about 360Hz displays; 480hz will be on the market in 2023.

Check our site regularly for the most recent updates since this is still a story in the making.🙂

We’ll be sharing them with you as soon as we get the most recent gaming monitors, technology for panels, and prices and availability.🤗

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 480Hz possible?

Yes, 480Hz is possible soon. Thanks to the technology developer and researcher who made it possible. 

Forget 360Hz, and display panels with 480Hz are in the works and could be on the market in 2023. 

They are rumored to be the work from AU Optronics (or AUO) and LG Display and may become available at these firms by 2022.

Do 480Hz monitors exist?

Currently, not. But available soon. The 480Hz monitor is under R&D(Research and Development).

The purpose for the 480Hz design to be used as monitors targeted towards professional gamers who want maximum performance to maximize their performance in various eSports games.

Do 500 Hz monitors exist?

BOE is launching the world’s fastest gaming monitor.

It features a 27-inch, Full HD panel with an 8-bit color depth and an average response time of 1ms.👌🏻

Will there be a 360Hz 1440p monitor?

With its high refresh rate of 360Hz with a remarkably low response time and high-resolution 1440p monitor, The 27″ ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN will be ready to empower the most competitive gamers in esports to take on the world.

The fastest ROG monitor ever made offers unbeatable clarity, smoothness, and speed.

Is there a high-frequency monitor?

Monitors with 1000hz are becoming more popular because of their high refresh rate, which gives users a clearer image. 

There are various kinds of 1000hz monitors that are offered based on the kind of use.

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