How to Measure Laptop or Monitor Screen Size

How to Measure Laptop or Monitor Screen Size – In Quick ways

Measure Laptop or Monitor Screen Size: Are you trying to figure out what size of your screen is suitable for you? 

Are you looking for the dimensions of your screen to buy the correct eye protection?🤔

It is possible to determine the size of your screen effortlessly without having to get up if you’re watching your screen right now.

The most comfortable method to do this is to explore the internet.👌🏻

It is possible to confirm this by reading the manual, examining the packaging of your monitor or looking up the serial number of your monitor, or measuring the size of the monitor.

The size of the monitor is determined by the distance between the corner that is the viewing space to its diagonally adjacent corner.

This amount is usually approximately one inch larger than the actual screen for CRTs.

Beginning in the late 1990s, the exact number was included in specifications.

For instance, you may find the 17″ monitor state 16.1″.

The desktop computer monitors are available in sizes between 13 and 43 inches. 

A few users can use their television as a monitor and have screen sizes of 84 inches or greater.

Laptop screens usually are between 11.6 and 17 inches.

However, technology plays a part in general. The bigger the monitor size, the higher the price.

Laptops differ because features and portability are weighted more heavily when the cost is involved.

In the case of Desktops and laptops, the screen or monitor can be measured by measuring from the left-hand corner to the bottom right corner measured in inches.

Let’s Discuss in detail How to Measure Laptop or Monitor Screen Size?👉🏻

What is the meaning of screen resolution?

The amount of vertical and horizontal pixels that a screen displays.

The higher the resolution, the more information will be displayed without scrolling.

Screen resolutions include several pixels, such as 1600×1200, equivalent to 1200 horizontal and 1,600 verticals.

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What is the difference between screen size and resolution?

Screen size is the physical dimension of the monitor, including the bezels.

In contrast, screen resolution refers to the pixels on the screen.

You can alter the resolution of your screen regardless of the size of your monitor.

How can I figure out what size monitor I have?

The easiest method to find out how to determine the dimensions of the screen is by looking through the manual.

If you are unable to find it, you can utilize an instrument to measure this by measuring the size of your monitor from the bottom-right corner up to the top-left corner.

Apart from the size of the monitor, make sure you are aware of the technology that makes it and the features that come with it that are explained in our detailed guide on computer monitors.

How can you figure out how big your monitor is?

The majority of monitors use an aspect ratio of 16:9, although certain monitors still use an aspect ratio of 14:9.

Desktop monitors come in various sizes, typically ranging from 13 inches and 43 inches.

Some exceed 50 inches. Laptop monitors usually range from 11.6 inches to 17.

Monitoring your monitor is the last option since you’re likely to introduce mistakes when you measure your monitor.

The size of a computer desktop monitor can be determined by measuring the screen.😎

With a measuring tape, begin at the top left corner, and move it diagonally until you reach the corner at the bottom.

Make sure to measure only the screen. Do not add any measurements of the edge surrounding the screen.

Consider the type of filter you’ll use on your computer monitor

When you are determining the size of your screen, it is important to keep the type of filter you’re planning to use in your mind.

A frame-like monitor filter is, for instance, and it will fit differently from a frameless screen filter.

Here’s the process for measuring the screen of a monitor.

Take a diagonal measurement of the size of your computer’s screen. 

While you align your ruler or measuring tape to the top left corner, make sure you exclude the frame of your computer and only determine the size of the screen.

The width of your diagonal measurement should exactly match the diagonal dimension of the frameless display.

Determine the visual size and height of your screen, leaving out the frame.

They should also be in line with those of the filters that you put on your computer’s monitor.

A model’s number on the monitor is the dimensions of the monitor within it.

For instance, the case of an Acer 20-inch monitor could come with the model code Acer S201HL. Its “20” after the “S” refers to the size of the display.

In most cases, a model number begins with two or more letters than numbers.

The two numbers following the letters typically represent the size of the screen.

If you’re unsure, an online search of the model’s number will give you the exact dimensions.

Attempting to determine the Size of Your Laptop Screen

You can take measurements of a laptop’s screen in how you measure a monitor.

Calculate the Diagonal Dimensions

Find the diagonal of your laptop’s screen beginning at the top-left side until the lower-right edge to get the exact screen size of your laptop.

Determine the width and height of the screen

Laptop screens generally fall 11 between 17 and 11 inches. 

If you wish to install a protective screen filter, it is necessary to determine the size and width.

Most laptops feature bezels. Because of this, you’ll have to measure the measurements inside them to determine the exact size of the screen.

Measure the height of your screen starting from the top and ending at the bottom and determine the screen width measurement.

The size of the laptop’s computer monitor can be determined by physically measuring the screen. 

With a measuring tape, begin at the top left corner and then pull diagonally towards the corner at the bottom.

Be sure to measure only the screen. Do not add any measurements of the bezel surrounding the screen.

Most laptops are described in inches, so you’ll need to determine the measurements of your screen using these measurement units.

Search screen size on the internet

In the same way as determining your computer’s screen size, you can search online for the size of your laptop’s screen.

Entering the model and model of the laptop in the search engine will present you with several websites that give you precise screen sizes and other laptop specs.

The manufacturer’s website will give you information about the screen’s size if the manufacturer’s site contains the option of searching where you enter your laptop’s model number to discover its various features, including the screen’s size.

Be sure to record the model’s number precisely because different laptop makers have various methods to determine their laptop models.

Most e-commerce sites like can also boast the same screen size as many laptops, particularly if running a fairly old computer.

Examine the specifications for a laptop screen

The specifications of a laptop include the dimensions of the laptop’s screen.

Look through the laptop’s specifications to find the section called “Screen,” “Display,” or something similar. 

The screen’s size is specified in the section, measured in inches.

If you’re unsure, then a quick search for the laptop’s model number will give you the exact dimensions.

Attempting to determine the Size of Your Monitor Screen

Measuring Monitor Screen Size

There are several ways to gauge the dimensions of your monitor, based on whether you need to determine the size of the image or the aspect ratio and the diagonal measurements.

Each of these measurements is easily attainable, using the ruler or tape measure and some basic math.

Picking an Image Area

Use a ruler to measure the length of the horizontal monitor from one side to the next.

Do not include the frame or structure surrounding the monitor, and measure only the screen.

Measure only the image area, not the frame or border around the screen.

Utilize an appropriate ruler to measure how tall the vertical line is from the highest point of your screen down to the lowest point.

To calculate the area of the image to determine the image area, increase the size of the screen concerning the size of the screen.

The image area is expressed in “horizontal length x vertical height.”

Determining Diagonal Measurement and the Aspect Ratio

Computer monitors are generally constructed in an aspect ratio between 4:3, 5, 3, or 16:10.

To determine an aspect ratio, measure the length with the height and decrease the number if needed.

A diagonal measure is often used when talking about how big the display is.

Make use of a tape measure or ruler to calculate how far, say the upper left corner of this screen and the lower right-hand edge of your screen. 

You shouldn’t include the bezel or frame that surrounds the screen.

If the screen isn’t wide enough to be measured diagonally or if you don’t wish to blur it, you can apply this Pythagorean theorem to calculate how far diagonally.

The screen’s height is squared to the screen’s width, and add these two numbers and find that the square root is the diagonal measurement sum.

How Can I Tell What Monitor Size I Have Without Measuring?

In the absence of a measuring device nearby, You can still estimate the size of your monitor on your computer by following these simple methods.

Determining the Model Number

Explore the model code of your desktop or laptop. 

Most likely, you’ll see your monitor’s size embedded in the number associated with your laptop or desktop.

In this case, say, you might own the VIOTEK GVF24CB display.

The first two numbers following the letters represent the screen’s size in inches, i.e. that this VIOTEK display is a 24-inch machine.

Examining the User’s Manual

It is also possible to read your monitor’s manual to get details on sizing. 

In addition to the other specifications, among the most important features is the size of the monitor.

Searching on the Internet

Another way to find out the size of your monitor is to look it up on the internet for your monitor size. 

Search engines such as Google offer a range of online tools that you could use to determine the size of the screen of your monitor.

Another way to swiftly determine how big your screen is by visiting the website for the brand of your computer.

Go to the official website for the model of the monitor you’re using since it provides exact information about the model.

Please enter the model number of your monitor into their search bar, or browse the site for information about the monitor’s size.

Take a look at your laptop’s backside

You’ll discover a sticker with the screen’s size information on the rear of your notebook.

Laptops may also come with an etched number to indicate the size.

Examine Your Packaging

Have you got the original box for your monitor? It should include the size of the screen.


How do you determine your monitor’s size? It’s as easy as conducting an internet search on the manufacturer’s website or other reliable websites.

It is also possible to check the box or back of your laptop.

You can also determine the dimensions of your screen by taking a measurement manually from the lower right corner to the upper left corner.

It is also possible to determine the size of your monitor by searching your monitor’s model on the manufacturer’s website or using search engines.

The purpose of measuring your monitor’s size is to pick a monitor suitable for your particular application or an approach to determine the proper dimensions of the filter.

In terms of the physical dimensions of computer monitors, The best range is approximately 24-inch to 30 inches. Look out Which is the ideal size for your monitor?.

The screen sizes for these monitors are the best for home-based work and are a favorite among gamers on the internet.

Larger monitors typically have higher resolution screens and clarity of color.

With bigger monitors, you can anticipate more formats, apps, and support for simultaneous operations.

Hope now you can Measure Laptop or Monitor Screen Size without any problem.🤗

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the dimension of a screen with a size of 24 inches?

A display that is 24 inches is approximately 20 inches wide and 12 inches in height.

Are there any popular sizes of monitors?

The majority of monitors for computers are between 19 and 34 inches, which are measured diagonally, between corner and corner.

So, the average user is satisfied with monitors that range from 22-to 24 inches.

This is a decent amount of screen area for jobs and moderate multitasking without too much space on your desktop.

What is the best size for an LCD monitor?

The resolution determines the ideal size for a display and the distance you’re about the screen.

Most people believe that the resolution of 1920×1080 is suitable for monitors ranging between 25 and 30 inches.

1440p is ideal for monitors that are 27-inches, and the 4K resolution is suitable for screens more than 30 inches, based on what you like.

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