How to clean a greasy keyboard

How to Clean a Greasy Keyboard? Easy Cleaning Procedure

Clean a Greasy Keyboard: When you work on your computer or laptop 👩🏽‍💻, your keyboard becomes dirty and sticky.

This can disrupt your work and can cause health issues.🙁

When you are using it for a long time, the keyboard on your laptop or an external keyboard may become greasy or oily.

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t consume food close to your computer; however, we do it.

When you’re at work or eating snacks while browsing the Web, It’s simple to make your keys oily. 

Even if you’re disciplined enough to not snack near the computer, your fingers are washed with oil, which eventually creates a layer of grime around your keys.

It could cause unpleasant encounters when using the keyboard and may cause issues such as keys not working properly, or the keyboard could emit unsanitary odors.

Here the question arises of how to clean a greasy keyboard? Don’t worry we have the solution.

In this blog, we will discuss how to clean a greasy keyboard & strategies to keep your keyboard away from dirt and grease.

Let’s first determine the reasons we experience dirty keyboards and what is the most important reason.👇🏻

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Greasy Keyboards: What Causes Them?

Keyboards are prone to becoming oily or greasy with time.

There are many reasons why this happens, which we’ll discuss here.

Your fingers release natural oils, which create an oil-like layer and grease on your keys as you use them. 

This is a problem when you have an oily complexion and use your laptop or an external keyboard.

Since this could be harmful to your peripheral, it is important, to regularly clean to get rid of grease and oils.

A different reason could be that people frequently consume food when working on their computers. 

This causes oils to transfer from the food into the keyboard via your fingers, resulting in an accumulation of oils and grease around and on the keyboard. 

It’s the reason experts suggest that you do not drink or eat close to your computer.

It could also be that there is an oil spill on the keyboard of your laptop or on the keyboard that is external to it. 

This could be more harmful, and you should close your computer and clean your keyboard as quickly as possible.

The oil may have gotten beneath the laptop’s keyboard and caused damage to internal components

You should bring your laptop to a trusted repair shop to get it cleaned.

Getting Rid of a Greasy Laptop Keyboard

Getting Rid of a Greasy Laptop Keyboard

Here is the method of cleaning a greasy laptop keyboard:

What You’ll Need:

  1. A Bowl
  2. Dish Detergent
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. Q-tips
  5. Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning Procedures:

Before cleaning, it is necessary to close down your laptop and disconnect it from all power sources.

Additionally, you must remove all other cables and other devices that are connected to it.

Place the computer in your hands, and flip it over. Then, slowly shake it. 

This helps to draw out any oily food particles or other particles found within the nooks and crannies of the keyboard.

Pour warm water into a bowl and add some dishwashing liquid to it. Mix it all.

Please make a small piece of microfiber cloth, and soak a part from it into the mix.

Then squeeze the liquid from it by turning and pressing. This will leave the formation of a damp cloth.

Clean the laptop keyboard using the cloth, ensuring it gets to the cracks. 

The computer’s surface will look clean as the detergent mixture will get rid of the dirt.

Dry the keyboard with a second cloth. The keyboard after cleaning has been completed.

Also, use Q-tips with care to remove the oily dirt in between the keys.

After the keyboard has dried completely, you can use your laptop once more.

Then, use the alcohol with a clean microfiber cloth or cotton buds to cleanse the keyboard using ruby alcohol.

Getting Rid of a Greasy External Keyboard

Getting Rid of a Greasy External Keyboard

Here’s the method to clean a dirty external keyboard.

It is important to note that we’ll use the solvent rubbing alcohol to break down the grease put onto the keyboard.

What You’ll Need:


Rubbing Alcohol

Microfiber cloths

Cleaning Procedures:

Before cleaning, ensure that the keyboard you are using is disconnected in the event of a wired model. 

If you have a wireless keyboard, it is necessary to unplug the batteries as a security step.

Then slowly turn the keyboard with your hands so that larger particles and other residues fall out as they naturally.

Dip a Q-tip in it in the rubbing alcohol until it is damp. The Q-tip must not be wet enough.

Please make use of it to clean the area around keyboard keys.

It is evident that the Q-tip accumulates dirt, and you might need more than one Q-tip to cover the area around the keys completely.

After that, cleanly take away the Q-tips.

Wet a microfiber cloth using rubbing alcohol. Ensure that the cloth does not get excessively damp. If it is, the alcohol could cause damage to the keys.

Use the dampened fabric to scrub the keys and the spaces between them.

Make another clean microfiber fabric, and then use the cloth to eliminate the dampness on the area around your keyboard.

The keyboard is cleaner than before and free of oil and grease remnants.

If you’re sure there isn’t any moisture left at the top of the keyboard, put in the batteries (for one that is wireless) and plug it in again.

Start using your clean keyboard again.✨

Getting Rid of a Greasy Mechanical Keyboard

Getting Rid of a Greasy Mechanical Keyboard

If you own mechanical keyboards whose keys look greasy, The best solution is to replace the keycaps. 

A mechanical keyboard includes additional keycaps and key pullers most of the time. 

Since a mechanical keyboard is built with an individual mechanical shaft cleaning, it is typically easier than cleaning an unmechanical keyboard.

Cleaning mechanical keyboards, aside from replacing the keys, it is recommended to dismantle the entire keyboard, then clean it to protect the shaft’s structure.

It is possible to wash the keycaps that have been removed in the water with detergent. 

To remove the stains that are dirty on the body of the keyboard, you can clean the body with a towel that has been soaked in 99 percent alcohol. 

After cleaning, allow the keycaps and main structure to completely dry. Once dry, you can remove the car keys.

In the event of a standard film, the keyboard being soiled, it can be not easy to take off the keycaps. 

If that is the case, you might consider using a damp towel to clean.

For durable keyboards, it’s easy to become greasy for a long time.

This is why, in this case, you can reap the benefits of not having to clean it often.

How can you avoid your keyboards from becoming oily?

We’ve learned how easy it is to clean our keyboards of oil to keep them in good condition and improve their longevity overall.

However, why would we take the risk, you ask? Instead of spending hours clearing it and removing it, we can try to stop it from reaching the keyboard at all.

How can we accomplish this? A few preventative strategies work as ice cream in keeping the keyboards clean. 

Techniques to keep your keyboard clean

Invest in a keyboard cover

Invest in a keyboard cover

It is recommended to think about using an appropriate keyboard cover to protect the caps of your keys.

Keyboard covers made of silicone have been a trend for a long time.

The covers range from transparent to customized and printed ones that can be put on your laptop or keyboard keys to prevent the keys from becoming oily.

There are stickers for short-term use available. 

These stickers can be put on for a short time to ensure that your keys are safe and secure.

This is a great method to keep your keyboard clean.

Keep your hands clean as possible

Keep your hands clean as possible

We all strive to ensure we keep our hands spotless constantly. 

Sometimes, we neglect to clean our hands immediately after eating or neglect the sweatiness of our hands in hot temperatures.

One of the best ways to prevent the occurrence of oily keyboards is to ensure that our hands are completely clean.👐🏻

When our hands remain clean, it is less likely that we’ll accidentally make the keyboard greasy and oily.

Therefore, ensure that your keyboard doesn’t get oily, make sure your hands are free of dirt.

Clean your keyboard constantly

Clean your keyboard constantly

If you don’t want to clean your laptop or keyboard keys properly and not be able to use the keyboard until they’ve dried, There’s no other solution to deal with oily keyboards other than making sure you clean your keyboard regularly.

It is unnecessary to wash your keyboard each day to keep it free of greasiness. 

All you need to do is make time to clean your keyboard.

If you’re able to maintain your keyboard in good condition, you’ll save time because you won’t have to clean it at the end due to excess grease and oil accumulated on the keys and the sides.

The most effective solution and way to keep from having oily keyboards are to wash them now and then. 

You’ll save lots of time and effort while enjoying a fantastic typing experience.


It’s easy to wash the soiled keyboard at home, and it is not necessary to contact a professional. 

It is enough to be careful when cleaning your keyboard, whether it’s on a laptop or the desk.

Cleansing the keys thoroughly and regularly keeps the polish of your device, and doing so with care can help extend the lifespan of your keyboard.

Ensure that you get rid of the grease and oil from your keyboard efficiently and keep oil from getting on the keyboard to improve the typing experience you get from your computer.

We hope now you understood the strategies to keep your keyboard clean.😊

if your keyboard becomes oily even after these strategies then follow the methods discussed above to prevent your keyboard to become dirty or oily.

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